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Hi people!

Today, we’re having Tsuugaku Densha chapter 4! While typesetting this chapter, lot’s of questions came to my head. It makes me wanna read MORE! Yes, I have the raws and I’m a staff of this project but right now… I don’t know what’s really happening since I can’t read Chinese. -.-

Here’s a preview:


I colored that image since I think it’s a nice scene between Haruna and Haru so I wanna make it colorful xD. It’s my first time doing that so please bear with it.

Anyways, just go to the forum now, log in (or register if you’re still not a member), go to the releases thread and then download the release! Easy right? ^^

Uhh, update about recruitment… We’re STILL looking for translators (be it C, J, or K!), raw providers, and quality checkers!

No experience required but make sure to take your job seriously and answer our PMs for us to know the updates on your task.

NOTE: To all non-staff members, please don’t upload our releases on any manga hosting sites. We, staffs, we’ll be the one to do that.

Well then, enjoy the release~


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Hello everybody!

It’s me again! Today, we’re going to release the first chapter of our new project — Hanasaku Iroha! I’m so glad we didn’t take long this time.

We are currently recruiting translators, mainly Chinese and Korean, raw providers, and quality checkers. Having someone scan for us will be a big help for faster and better quality releases. So if you’re interested, don’t think twice about joining! We accept those who don’t have experience!

We don’t require 10 non-spam posts for you to download anymore. 10 posts are kinda annoying right? haha :D. Just register to our forum and then you’re ready to download the release!

Oh yeah~ To all non-staff members, please DO NOT upload our releases to manga hosting sites because we, staffs, will be the one to do that. I have noticed someone uploaded our triple release on Manga Fox before, so I hope it won’t happen anymore.


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