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This is FLameAiRz07, the founder of Night Constellations and I’m glad to announce that we have made our second release!

We made a triple release this time so just think of it as a payback from the delay. ^^” We’re sorry if we kept you waiting.

We are in real need of translators and I hope there’s someone who can help us in translating to get the scans faster to everyone! Either Japanese, Chinese, or Korean will do! 😀 Huh? Don’t have an experience? It’s totally fine too!

This time, we have:

Tsuugaku Densha – Kimi to Boku no Heya Vol01 Ch02

Nakigao ni Kiss Vol01 Ch01

Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica – Eternal White Vol01 Ch01

All download links will be posted on the Relases Area in the forum, but you have to make at least 10 non-spam posts to be in the group called “spectator” and access this thread.

Still not a member? Register here and begin chatting with us for a while by posting either on the projects area or at the celestial sphere. We welcome everyone nicely but be sure not to be a spammer. 🙂

That’s all~
Hope you enjoyed our second release! ^^


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