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Hello there~

Hoho… I’m posting again to announce about another release~
This time, we’re going to have the 3rd chapter of Tsuugaku Densha.


Please keep in mind that the “10 non-spam post to download” rule is already gone so just register in the forum then go to the releases thread.

NOTE: To all non-staff members, please DO NOT upload our releases to manga hosting sites because we, staffs, will be the one to do that.
Hansaku Iroha’s contributor in MF is “n/a”… that’s me. I just forgot to log in. -.-

Just another update about recruitment, we’re still recruiting translators (C and K –> E) raw providers, and quality checkers. Translators can help having MORE active projects and speed up releases, raw providers can give much better quality scans and quality checkers can help me. ūüėõ [kidding] We need QC’ers to check out overall corrections of the pages. ^^

Well then, just enjoy the release~!


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Many of you might be confused a lot these past few months why we haven’t released more chapters after we released Tsuugaku Densha chapter 1. Are¬†you dead? Why have you guys released only 1 chapter? What happened to Tsuugaku Densha chapter 2? Here is the reason……..


Why do you keep spacing out for? Come and JOIN US!!

Like many new scanlation groups we need more manpower. We¬†currently¬†have only 2 translators but we have a lot of Editors who’re waiting patiently for the translated script and we have many projects frozen in our fridge.

So who is interested in helping us out? Please check out our Recruitment page!!¬†Our motto is “Training on Job” so if you are inexperienced we have staff who will guide you through.

Here’s the status update (I will try to update this every saturday)

Tsuugaku Densha chapter 2 > Typesetting

Nakigao ni Kiss chapter 1 > Typesetting

Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica – Eternal White chapter 1 > Cleaning

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