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Hi! I’m XxmimixX from NC and I want to do a quick update.

We have a little over 20 projects that we would like to get started on soon. They’re all pretty good titles including works from mangaka/manhwa artist Hwang Mi-Ri, Shinjo Mayu, Kim Yeong Mi, Sasaki Yuna, Han Yu-Rang, Nanajima Kana, Hata Akimi, Sena Masaya, and Akizuki Kaine. Also we are also having joints with other popular scanlation group and we need your help!

I’m the only raw provider of the group and my job right now is scanning the last 4-5 volumes of FIVE by Shiori Furukawa. >.< I’m about to graduate from High School in less than 3 week and I already owe 100 dollar to my college. Uggh lol.

Applications are open now and o if you are really commited in buying manga/manhwas I’m gladly appreciated. You can go on sites like YESASIA, Amazon, or even some of the websites from the publishing companies. PLZ! I’m not being mean or anything but I don’t want to be the only one actually doing all of the scanning. It’s really the most important part to consider when being part of a scanlation group.

Hugs and kisses

XxmimixX: Head Raw Provider


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Hi, this is xxmimixx from NC as the head raw provider. One of our translators are in a big hiatus at this point due to personal things. That means that our only current Korean project is in a standstill. If there’s an available translator out there, please come and apply ><.


I hope I’m not bragging that much lol.

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