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Hello to all earthling!! Ahh I feel refresh after making a useless greeting. What? Where is the release? All of our current projects are at translating process. Why we keep asking for more translators? Anyway, now anime spring season 2011 is underway. I will probably busy leeching a lot of anime and less editing manga(Haha… just  joking xD) Anime of the month that caught my eyes is Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko You guys should watch it. It’s great and quite amusing.

This picture makes my day xD

Here is a quick recruit for translator who’s interest to give a hand in these two manga with me. You will be responsible to translate for the whole series, I will do a quick edit and release in volume only!  So who’s interest and  want more information pls Mail to me >> spiritechamp@gmail.com

Recruiting temporary translator for:

Manga : Gun Maid
Genre : Ecchi, Comedy, Shonen
Volume till completed : 1
Language : Japanese
Raws Quality : HQ

Manga : Amayakasaretai
Genre : Shoujo, Smut, School life
Volume till completed : 5
Language : Chinese
Raws Quality : MQ


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Hi, this is xxmimixx from NC as the head raw provider. One of our translators are in a big hiatus at this point due to personal things. That means that our only current Korean project is in a standstill. If there’s an available translator out there, please come and apply ><.


I hope I’m not bragging that much lol.

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