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Hello to all earthling!! Ahh I feel refresh after making a useless greeting. What? Where is the release? All of our current projects are at translating process. Why we keep asking for more translators? Anyway, now anime spring season 2011 is underway. I will probably busy leeching a lot of anime and less editing manga(Haha… just  joking xD) Anime of the month that caught my eyes is Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko You guys should watch it. It’s great and quite amusing.

This picture makes my day xD

Here is a quick recruit for translator who’s interest to give a hand in these two manga with me. You will be responsible to translate for the whole series, I will do a quick edit and release in volume only!  So who’s interest and  want more information pls Mail to me >> spiritechamp@gmail.com

Recruiting temporary translator for:

Manga : Gun Maid
Genre : Ecchi, Comedy, Shonen
Volume till completed : 1
Language : Japanese
Raws Quality : HQ

Manga : Amayakasaretai
Genre : Shoujo, Smut, School life
Volume till completed : 5
Language : Chinese
Raws Quality : MQ


Hello everybody!

It’s me again! Today, we’re going to release the first chapter of our new project — Hanasaku Iroha! I’m so glad we didn’t take long this time.

We are currently recruiting translators, mainly Chinese and Korean, raw providers, and quality checkers. Having someone scan for us will be a big help for faster and better quality releases. So if you’re interested, don’t think twice about joining! We accept those who don’t have experience!

We don’t require 10 non-spam posts for you to download anymore. 10 posts are kinda annoying right? haha :D. Just register to our forum and then you’re ready to download the release!

Oh yeah~ To all non-staff members, please DO NOT upload our releases to manga hosting sites because we, staffs, will be the one to do that. I have noticed someone uploaded our triple release on Manga Fox before, so I hope it won’t happen anymore.


Second Release~


This is FLameAiRz07, the founder of Night Constellations and I’m glad to announce that we have made our second release!

We made a triple release this time so just think of it as a payback from the delay. ^^” We’re sorry if we kept you waiting.

We are in real need of translators and I hope there’s someone who can help us in translating to get the scans faster to everyone! Either Japanese, Chinese, or Korean will do! 😀 Huh? Don’t have an experience? It’s totally fine too!

This time, we have:

Tsuugaku Densha – Kimi to Boku no Heya Vol01 Ch02

Nakigao ni Kiss Vol01 Ch01

Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica – Eternal White Vol01 Ch01

All download links will be posted on the Relases Area in the forum, but you have to make at least 10 non-spam posts to be in the group called “spectator” and access this thread.

Still not a member? Register here and begin chatting with us for a while by posting either on the projects area or at the celestial sphere. We welcome everyone nicely but be sure not to be a spammer. 🙂

That’s all~
Hope you enjoyed our second release! ^^

Hi, this is xxmimixx from NC as the head raw provider. One of our translators are in a big hiatus at this point due to personal things. That means that our only current Korean project is in a standstill. If there’s an available translator out there, please come and apply ><.


I hope I’m not bragging that much lol.

Daily Update

Many of you might be confused a lot these past few months why we haven’t released more chapters after we released Tsuugaku Densha chapter 1. Are you dead? Why have you guys released only 1 chapter? What happened to Tsuugaku Densha chapter 2? Here is the reason……..


Why do you keep spacing out for? Come and JOIN US!!

Like many new scanlation groups we need more manpower. We currently have only 2 translators but we have a lot of Editors who’re waiting patiently for the translated script and we have many projects frozen in our fridge.

So who is interested in helping us out? Please check out our Recruitment page!! Our motto is “Training on Job” so if you are inexperienced we have staff who will guide you through.

Here’s the status update (I will try to update this every saturday)

Tsuugaku Densha chapter 2 > Typesetting

Nakigao ni Kiss chapter 1 > Typesetting

Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica – Eternal White chapter 1 > Cleaning


After a hard work night I finally launch a new blog

 My Face after I see the sunrise in the next morning!!

My Face while I see the sunrise in the next morning!!

Trying to use CSS, solve menus problem, Fix many errors and here I am. T_T

I hope everyone enjoy the blog though it’s still in the process of building.

 Also Please visit our forum!!